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2011-03-30 16:20:09

Alleged Google Partners
It never fails to amaze me how many SEO companies out there will insist they they are under contract with Google for something o...

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Affordable Web Design
Get a Professional Custom Website for a fixed manageable monthly payment...

Importance of Specs
You NEED good functional specifications BEFORE the coding begins...

Sample Spec
An example specification document showing how effective good specs CAN be...

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Independent Internet Strategy Consultant Services

Website Functional Specifications Development

BEFORE building a Website or Web Application

Before design and coding can begin, there has to be a detailed plan in place. This ensures quality of the end product, reduces development costs, and keeps scope creep in check.

If you require a website functional specification (or technical spec) to be developed, you've come to the right place. Read further on my website spec development services.


Custom Web Application Development

6 x Faster & 10 x more Cost-Effective

Get a custom online application that runs your business. With my experience, RAD toolset, and code library, I can deliver custom web-based database software that does EXACTLY what you need it to, at a fraction of the cost.

Custom web apps can run your entire business (ERP), allow teams to collaborate, or bring together millions of people, like facebook.

Read further on my custom web app development services.


Other Services

Of course that's not all I can help you with. Check out a list of other services or contact me to see how I may be of service to you.



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